Dr. Lexi Lain, ND

Dr. Lexi's journey began in her first semester at Oklahoma State University. She was starting her premed studies when she became ill. "The Illness", as she likes to call it, was a nightmarish experience of doctors, testing, and even taking repeated antibiotics without any clarity or relief. Long story short, she got Steven's Johnson Syndrome from an overdose of medication. Thankfully it was then that she stumbled upon Naturopathic Medicine. After being sick for 4 months, she got better in 2 weeks. She said, "whatever medicine that was... that's what I'm going to do." After graduating at OSU, she got her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University. Since then, she has helped people with chronic fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia, the hormonal roller coaster, and people with re-occuring infections like Mono relapses. Her passion is in listening to their story and helping them solve the jigsaw puzzle of health.


Mission Statement


Dr. Lain’s mission is to first lead by example and second, to share with the world a better kind of medicine that prevents diseases and respects the body’s natural processes for healing.

Fun Facts

Traveled to Italy to study the Mediterranean Diet

Traveled to Germany and the Czech Republic to study Balneology, the healing properties of water.

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