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Get Your Spark Back: Fueling for Success!

Seed SparK

Charlotte, NC

Corporate Wellness Talk

March 27th, 2024

Sustainable success requires

one to have the energy and focus to obtain their goals WITH their health intact. Dr. Lexi shares the importance of nutrition to energize your team for peak performance.

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Webinar 1

Crushing It Without Burnout: A Triathlete's Guide to Sustainable Success.

Burnout is NOT a weakness! It's a symptom that tells you that the way you are living your life right now is no longer serving you. 

Dr. Lexi takes the audience on a journey through her life as an endurance athlete, business owner, and doctor. She sheds light on how to take care of yourself and build resilence to stress.

April 27th 

ITRIP Realtors Event

Webinar 2

Healing When the Heart Hurts:
A Women's Retreat in Tobago.

"Hey Lady!

Did you know that stress and trauma can manifest in your physical body? How you take care of yourself can also be a trauma response.


Healing starts by addressing the mental, emotional, and even spiritual hurts you've been carrying all this time. What better way to let go and forgive yourself by escaping the world around you for a moment to relax, regroup, and heal.


May 13 - May 17

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Webinar 3

REJUVENATE! Strategies to calm stress and energize YOU!

Youth of

North Carolina

Annual Event

August 21 and 22, 2024

As people who give our lives to serve and raise our next generation, we tend to put our own needs on the back burner and fulfill the needs of others instead. That's the privilege and also the cost of being teachers, parents, and healthcare providers. While this is admirable and often times necessary, it's simply not sustainable. By sacrificing your own needs, you run the risk of not only giving from an empty cup, but driving your own health and resources to the ground. In order to love and serve others, we must first love and serve ourselves. It's time to make YOU a priority. It's time to fill up YOUR cup so that you can continue to do the amazing work that you do. Lead by example and coming forth in the best, most energized version of you.


This session is intended to rejuvenate the audience and give you strategies on how to stay energized when things get tough.

Webinar 4
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