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Customer Testimonials


When my initial symptoms began (lack of energy, inability to sleep/stay asleep, hair falling out, brain fog, racing heart etc.) my Primary Care Physician began prescribing me various medications.  I was hesitant to take them yet hopeful she knew best how to address my various issues.  Unfortunately nothing worked and only exacerbated my symptoms to the point where I had to be admitted to the ER for racing heart and involuntary full-body tremors.  After that incident, my PCP advised me to seek out a therapist for possible anxiety issues. I've never had a panic attack in my life or extreme anxiety other than normal situational nervousness. I knew then Modern Medicine and pharmaceuticals weren't my answer.


A friend recommended that I contact Summit Vitality.  After describing my issues in the initial discovery session, Dr. Lexi handed me a book to take home and read through to see if anything resonated.  As I began reading individuals testimonials of their health challenges, I landed on one that was 100% my story.  I began to cry.  In that moment, I knew Dr. Lexi understood me on a level a PCP would never.  I hadn't heard of Adrenal Fatigue but that ended up being the treatment path I needed.  Dr. Lexi literally saved my life and I'm ever so grateful!!


"I want to thank you SO much!! We’ve seen HUGE changes in our entire family. It’s too much for an email, but here are the biggest changes: Our Son now LAUGHS out loud (I know what his laugh sounds like for the first time ever!), he talks to other people without us prompting him, he is much more engaged in our family life and activities, he can identify emotions and physical pain and TELL ME about them without me asking, he has calmed himself down from a meltdown on 2 separate occasions (he has NEVER been able to do that before), his moods are much more stable and he is not constantly irritable like before. I’ve been strict about being gluten/dairy/egg free but we’ve all been trying new foods and actually enjoying it. I’m getting to know my oldest son for the first time. For myself, I went gluten and dairy free when our son did. I immediately lost 7 lbs. and my acne and psoriasis cleared up for the first time in 7 years! I have a noticeably higher energy level and my moods are also more stable and I feel less irritable (like my son). I tried eating 2 conventional gluten-filled cookies as an experiment and experienced a terrible acne breakout for the next 2 weeks =( I tried the same with dairy a few weeks later and the same exact result. That proved to my family how careful we need to all be with avoiding these inflammatory foods. I’ve been educating my family and friends and 2 of those families are going gluten free and one is also removing dairy. This is so life changing!"

John L

I wanted to thank you so much for your support, advice and guidance over what has been a truly difficult time for me. Leading up to July this year, work and family life had reached stress levels that I had never experienced before. In July this year, my body ‘gave in’. As a keen golfer and sportsman I was literally stopped in my tracks, almost overnight. I think I had hit the proverbial ‘brick wall’. I started to develop pain in my lower back, hip and upper arms, to the point where I needed help getting out of bed and to get dressed. After several visits to my primary care doctor and blood tests, extremely strong pain killers and a course of steroids, I was finally diagnosed with Polymialgia rheumatica (an inflammatory disorder which causes pain and stiffness in various parts of the body) and then given the prospect of taking steroid tablets for at ‘least’ 18 months which, I was told may still not ‘kick it’ and that I may be taking these tablets for many more months. I was beginning to become depressed, I could barely move, let along swing a golf club and to take strong medication for so long did not fill me with much confidence that this would in fact sort out the problem any time soon. I have known Dr. Lexi for some time and without delay, consulted her to see if she could help with a natural alternative to what had been suggested. Dr. Lexi put together a programme exclusive to me, looking not only at the illness itself but into my diet, my lifestyle etc. It was time to make a change!! I started Dr. Lexi’s program, initially I needed the pain killers as I couldn’t cope with the pain. However, not long into the course of treatments, which included daily hot mustard seed baths I began to feel less pain and gradually stopped the painkillers completely. I have been following Lexi’s treatment plan now for 8 weeks, I no longer take the pain killers and what has happened, for me, is nothing short of a miracle!! The pain in my upper arms eased slowly, I was beginning to move from literally a shuffle to a limping walk, a few more weeks passed, and continuing with the treatment suggested, all muscle pain has all but faded away. We are still continuing the program with a new treatment to boost my immune system as there are days when I get tired. Dr. Lexi has guided me and my wife including dietary help, the correct foods to eat and what to avoid, we have included this within the treatment, this particular change has helped the whole family. I can honestly say that if I had have continued along the route of strong medication with no change to lifestyle and boosting my immune system naturally, I would still be struggling!! I will never underestimate the lasting effects of a complete lifestyle change and cant thank Dr. Lexi enough for this. I played my first full round of golf last week.

- John L

Debbie & Chris

  Both my husband and I have been patients of Dr. Lexi for over a year. We’re in our late 50ies, but feel much younger, thanks to Dr. Lexi. She has shared her tremendous knowledge which has helped us recover from all which has ailed us: muscle aches, colds, flu, nagging cough, a rotator cuff injury, and help reduce high blood pressure. Her practice, using naturopathic methods keeps us coming back. We appreciate being presented with natural options to improve our health. She truly cares about us as patients, follows up with us after treatment, and works hard to keep us on a healthy track. Her “bedside” manners are fantastic. She takes the time to explain treatment options, and is patient with any and all questions. She’s a great listener and health care provider. We wish we would have met her years ago, we highly recommend her!


  ...It’s been such a blessing to have found someone who genuinely cares and is invested in treating the root cause, rather than the symptoms.


  ...I just wanted to take a minute and express my gratitude and relief knowing that there are doctors out there that believe health and wellbeing are not contained in a pill bottle.

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