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Upping Your Holiday Immune Game: Unique tips and reminders beyond Vitamin C, D, and Zinc.

The Ghost of Christmas “goopidty goops” is going around town and folks are facing the holiday season with head colds, tummy bugs, headaches, and more. “Tis’ the season”, they say as they sneeze, cough, and blow their nose in some worn out tissue.

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It stinks being sick during the holidays and while it’s a common occurrence, you can be doing things to minimize the severity, duration, and frequency.

You might know about the common immune supportive nutrients like Vitamin C, D, and Zinc. You might also be taking Elderberry or Echinacea daily to keep your immune system strong. If that’s you, WELL DONE!

But what happens when you still feel the onset of fatigue that’s bone deep and different than your normal “daily” fatigue? What do you do when you notice that “feeling” before you get sick?

Here are my tips and tools to have at your fingertips when you notice that you might be coming down with something:

1. Increase Your Dosage!

Whatever your favorite immune support supplements are, it’s time to take those three times a day instead of your one time a day dosage. Taking immune support one time a day is great for prevention but when you are fighting an active infection, we recommend you increase that to 3x/day. Vitamin C can cause loose stool at higher dosages. If you see this happening, back off your dosage by 500 – 1000 mg.

2. Stop Being the Hero and Slow Down to Rest!

There is a reason your body is feeling heavy, weighed down, and ready to sleep. Your body is forcing you to slow down. If you exercise regularly but your body isn’t feeling like pushing through that planned workout, honor that. Go for a gentle walk, back of how heavy of weight you usually use for those bicep curls and do an activity that will honor how you are feeling. Moving is great to keep the lymphatic system working to flush out infection and toxins, but this isn’t the time to train at your maximum threshold.

A. It’s okay to say, “No”, to an event or meet-up. It’s also okay to reschedule something to a later date. Often when I get sick, I welcome the forced intervention of slowing down. It’s almost like nature’s reminder that you may be overcommitting yourself or your family.

B . Embrace nap time! Man, oh man does the brain fog really set in when you are not feeling well. Productivity takes a major nose-dive. If you find yourself staring at your computer screen and moving a sloth like speeds, try taking a 5 min – 30 min nap, whatever your work schedule will allow. This helps your body to heal and will increase productivity because you’ll be able to not only fight off the infection faster, but you’ll also be able to have a more rested brain capacity for the job at hand.

3. 1 Shot of Warm Whiskey for Sore Throats!

a. Trust me on this one. It works. It soothes the pain and helps to kill off some of the bacteria lurking in the back of your throat.

b. Don’t drink alcohol? Throat Coat tea by Traditional Medicinal or Yogi tea is a lovely and very effective alternative.

**notice I said, 1 shot vs copious amounts. You are using this medicinally.

4. Time to eat clean!

a. If you know your IgG Food sensitivity triggers, this is a great time to press pause on those to help keep your immune system strong.

b. Sugar is not your friend when it comes to helping your immune system fight off infections.

c. Fruits and vegetables will always be rich in those wonderful immune supportive nutrients.

5. Be prepared.

I always like to have Bioron homeopathics in stock at home so that I can jump on treating myself right away. They've got formulas for sore throats, colds, and even the flu. Follow your symptoms and remeber what I said in #1....increase your dosage. Don't be shy with this and take as directed for an acute infection which is usually 1-2 tablets every 2-4 hours, depending on the severity of symptoms.

If you are struggling, let’s schedule an acute consultation to get you or a loved one taken care of with specific suggestions with whatever you or they are struggling with.

Email me at: Mention this blog to get 10% off your visit.


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