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Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

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Looking for a more natural alternative?

Your body's talking and Dr. Lexi's listening.

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Summit YOUR Vitality! How high will you climb?

A Holistic Approach to More Energy, A Stronger and balanced Immune System, and a Healthier You.

Our Practice Members value Knowledge

Docre is a principle of naturopathic medicine, meaning "To Teach." Our practice members are pro-actively learning, they want to understand what their labs mean, and why they are feeling bad. Dr. Lexi will teach you how to understand whats going on BUT also how to fix it.

Get to the root cause

An integrative approach involves testing, lifestyle changes, and a look at the whole person. Finding and treating the cause is key but sometimes the root cause is a multitude of factors. Dr. Lexi shows you where to start, you'll be guided in an easy to follow, step-by-step fashion, through a journey towards optimal wellness.


Dr. Lexi firmly believes in not doing anything alone. You need a coach for sports or extra curricular activities. Why wouldn't you have one for your health?

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  • Anonymous

    ... I just wanted to express my gratitude and relief knowing that there are doctors out there that believe health and well-being are not contained in a pill bottle.

  • Michelle

    We’ve seen HUGE changes in our entire family. ... I immediately lost 7 lbs. and my acne and psoriasis cleared up for the first time in 7 years! I have a noticeably higher energy level and my moods are also more stable and I feel less irritable. ... This is so life changing!

  • John L

    I will never underestimate the lasting effects of a complete lifestyle change and can't thank Dr. Lexi enough for this.

Your Naturopathic Program will include

Personal Coaching

You don't have to do this alone.

Online Classes

Online classes on a wide variety of topics


Community building through exclusive FB group and zoom webinars.


Access to resources that are fail proof in helping you get to where YOU want to be

Learn more in a free 15 minute Discovery Call with Dr. Lexi

Herbal Medicine

Meet Dr. Lexi


  • Listens

  • Has in depth knowledge about medical tests, integrative medicine, and how to address your health concerns naturally

  • She offers multiple approaches. "If plan A or B doesn't work, she has C and D available."

  • She "Believes you when you say you don't feel well or that something is wrong"

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