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Seasons of Life: Are you right on time for a new adventure?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Our lives have many seasons.

Some seasons are wonderful, abundant, and hopeful; while others are dark, painful, and uncertain.

When you’re in a challenging time in your life and it seems there’s no end in sight, you might hear someone say, “it’s just a season” and that “this too shall pass.”

Regardless of where you are right now, I want you to know 2 things:

You are never too old to start something new and that each decade of your life has a “theme” that helps you move through each phase easier.

Bob Biehl wrote a book called, “Decade by Decade,” that dives into this concept much deeper. I had the privilege to hear him speak at Dr. Keith Johnson’s Wealth Symposium and this is what I learned:

Ages 0-10 is all about security and as we enter our teens, we go inward to discover ourselves.

Our 20’s are not about conquering the world just yet but discovering what it is we don’t like. Can we survive being an adult? We then get into our careers and enter a major growth phase in our 30’s. We’re climbing the corporate ladder, growing our families, and chasing the American Dream. Around 38/39 years of age, we may find ourselves asking, “what is success?”

According to Bob Biehl’s research, the 5 years between 40-45 are some of the toughest because we start to ask, “Where am I compared to….?” You may have defined success in a certain way. Did you make it? If you made it, are you happy or are you discontent? It’s during these years that you began to ask yourself, “am I making a difference?”.

I believe it’s during these years that you discover you’re burnt out and the rat race is catching up to you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Parenting is tough, maybe your marriage is rocky, or the career path you’ve chosen isn’t fulfilling you in the way you dreamed.

Your 40's are tough, introspective years but also important.

We must go through the personal crisis to learn, to grow, and to be ready for the exciting decades to come! This is also a very important time to start taking care of yourself because this is going to set you up for the next decade. As a woman, hold on tight because those hormones can throw you for a loop.

When you turn 50, you can breathe and move into a new kind of balance because the kids are leaving the house, you’re making more money, and feeling more confident in who you are. As a woman, you’re hormones are declining rapidly and you’re body is changing, but you know who you are. These are the years you step into your wisdom. You might even be preparing for retirement but also asking, “WHAT’s NEXT?”

The answer to “What’s NEXT” will be seen in your most productive decade: Your roaring 60’s.

That’s right!

Don’t let culture tell you that you are done once you turn 65. Pfft. These are your golden years to create your legacy. This is also the time to step up the self-care.

You should be taking care of your health during any decade, but now it becomes even more important.

Our 70’s is the time we prepare for our mortality. This is the decade we’re wrapping things up and doing everything we can and want to do.

80’s is said to be the “black ice.” It’s a slippery slope and we don’t know what our health is going to do.

90’s and onward is when we really slow down and sleep a lot more. People will began to ask questions about heaven. Some might even wish to go to sleep and never wake up.

As I go through Bob Biehl’s summary of each decade, I’m reminded how precious and short life can be. It makes me see difficult times differently.

I take comfort in knowing that whatever trial you might be facing, it is just a season and this too shall pass.

It’s also comforting to know that however old you think you are, it’s never too late to change directions and start something new.

If you are experiencing burnout or your heart is ready to make a change, what decade are you in? You might be right on time for a new adventure.



Resource: Decade by Decade by Bob Biehl

During the presentation with Bob Biehl, someone asked if the decades were certain or if someone could enter a phase earlier or later. He answered that yes, people mature and develop at their own pace and the decades are described as a general rule.


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