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Travel Stress: How to maintain wellness on the go.

Traveling used to be fun but now, the simple act of packing and "getting ready" is stressful. You need to make sure the animals and plants are taken care of, that everybody has their snacks and medications, that your bags aren't too heavy, and that you'll have everything you need once you get to your destination.

Then there's the airport. Man, I used to remember the grand adventure of flying and comfortable seats. Now it's complex security lines, delayed departures, smelly hallways, uncomfortable chairs, and tempertures that are either too hot or too cold.

`If you're traveling with family - this all just gets magnified. Am I right?!

Recently, I traveled to Oklahoma to visit family and do my first "traveling" triathlon. That meant two things: managing the stress of family and dealing with putting my race bike on the plane. The bike needed to be disassembled and put in this awkward luggage case which required extra packing time, planning, and watching a few YouTube videos. Then rolling that sucker from the parking garage to the ticket counter with all my other bags was.... clumsy.

Basically, this trip needed extra planning and time. Coming back home was actually more stressful because alas, I had connecting flights in Chicago - the airport where you just need to relax and expect that your flight will be painfully delayed. With all that being said, sure coming back was stressful but my bike was in one piece, there were no fights with the family, I got first place in my race, and came back healthy. This trip was a success.

So how do you find peace, calm, and wellness while traveling? Here are my top 5 tips

  1. The gift of TIME.

    1. Always forget something? Start your packing a week early. What I mean by this is start laying out things that you know everyone will need. This will help to prevent forgetting those "must haves".

    2. Stressed about making it on time? Wake up and get going EARLIER. You will be traveling. Your sleep will naturally be poorer due to the anticipation of the trip, so go ahead and get yourself out of bed. Get to the airport earlier than you really want. Why add additional stress to your day when this is something you CAN control?

    3. Enjoy the airport. What? Is this a thing? YES! It can be. Some airports have kid friendly areas, there's great people watching, have a drink in the main atrium, and check out the art. You can only enjoy the airport, by the way, if you get there EARLY.

Early = Peace, calm, and stress free.

2. Adjust your expectations.

a. You're going to be flying which means its going to be uncomfortable. If you get anxious flying, bring things to help you feel calm. If you are always cold on the plane, wear comfy layers. Being realistic with your expectations can help you to feel more calm about the traveling experience. Being prepared decreases stress, even if you're preparing to be uncomfortable.

3. Manage your habits.

Just because you are going on vacation does not automatically give your body a vacation, too. Avoid the habit of bee linning it to the bar and indulging in alcoholic beverages or charging straight to the fast food line where you splurge in all the things you've been stearing clear of. Sure, it's nice to have a pre-flight, vacation cocktail or buy that yummy delight but this will not set your body up for wellness on the trip or when you come back. These behaviors will actually weaken your immune system, make you feel more tired, and increase stress on your body. Does this mean you can't have these things at all. No. Enjoy a treat but in smaller dosages.

Always bring healthy snacks and an empty water bottle with you. I even bring my weird powdered concotions: protein powder, magnesium powder, and electrolytes. The security guys love me.

4. Support your immune system.

a. I noticed the flight attendants provided sanitizer wipes when we boarded the plane. I ended up taking them and actually using them on the flight. Knocking on wood as I write this but I didn't get sick from the flight. ; ) Lesson - sanitize the area around your seat.

b. Bring a broad spectrum herbal anti-microbial with you. This will be an immune formula that may include ingredients like berberine, oil of oregano, and ginger. These are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.

For more natural summer vaction must haves and to check out probiotics or immune support, click on my dispensary link below:

Taking your time, relaxing into the journey, taking care of your body even though you may be going on vacation, and taking your supplements will help you to maintain your wellness while traveling.

Have fun, enjoy the adventure, and be well!


Dr. Lexi


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