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Your Body's "Check Engine" Light: Recognize, Respond, and Prevent.

When you see the notification in your car that says that you are due for a service, do you ignore it or schedule your car to get checked right away? With stacked schedules, tasks like getting your car serviced go easily on the back burner. If you wait too long to get the oil replaced or those tires rotated, you run the risk of damaging other more important things in your car. With an ignored warning light in your car, more problems can arise.

Your health is no different.

We often ignore little warning signs that may nag at us until we can’t.

Some of those warning signs might be poor sleep, energy depletion, an increase in pain, and those things you keep blaming on “getting old.”

Just recently, I worked with someone who had been under a tremendous amount of stress, overextending themselves to the point of exhaustion. Their body communicated this exhaustion in the form of a debilitating migraine with severe nausea and dizziness, muscle wasting, and weight loss. Their nervous system had been running at what I call, “threshold”, without any breaks. Trips had to be cancelled, there were no visits to see their grandchildren, and they couldn’t do daily activities that brought them joy.

When you ignore signs and symptoms long enough, the body will intervene with a forced TIME OUT.

Thankfully, they reached out and we’re getting their health back on track.

Fast forward to today when I finally made my car a priority and took it in to get serviced. There were some minor issues that I believe were caused by ignoring that “your service is due” notification. Yep, I'm human, too. Today was a good reminder to be more proactive, even with my car.

Warning signs, notifications, and those bi-annual check-in’s are key to a well operating machine…this includes your body. Knowing what your body’s warning signs are is step one. The next step is tuning in and doing something about it.

Is your health due for a tune up? Are you experiencing any symptoms that could be like those warning lights that go off in your car?

If so, let’s schedule your check-in today!

Text "Check In" to 704-765-0887 or contact us here.

Remember this:

Recognize when something is wrong. Is it resolving on its own or does it keep coming back? If it’s not resolving on its own and it does continue to come back, the next step is to respond.

Responding means scheduling a consult with your Naturopathic Doctor or specialist.

Prevent. Finally, once the body is recovering and healing, it’s important to learn steps on how to prevent flare ups from happening again whenever possible.


 Dr. Lexi Lain


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